Student Senate

Minutes 9.4.2007


Tuesday September 4, 2007

6:30 p.m. Mills Library


I. Call to Order


II. Special Business

·         Dr. Hardin – new housing information:

o       Plans to get information from Student Body and Student Senate as far as needs in next facility.

o       Think about things we might like in the new Suite/Residence Hall Dormitory.

o       Needs to be built by Fall of 2009 because that is the projected time that the overflow of students would be.

o       Therefore, plans must be set around February or March… If starting by late Spring of 2008, it should be finished by Fall 2009.

o       1300 student population by Fall of 2011.

o       Get feedback from constituents; talk to Roundtable.

o       Townhall meeting about Football and new housing – September 10, 2007, 7:00 p.m. in the Burrow.

·         Sid McMath – JRC report.  Sounds official.

o       Deadline?  Final report set in second week of November.


III. Announcements and Constituent Concerns

·         Ryan Hughes was told she can’t put notes in the bathroom.  Bob Fureigh insists that Harper took care of this issue last semester.  Lacey said that Housekeeping told the RA’s that it is “unsanitary.”  Cache is going to talk to Physical Plant.  Lacey is going to talk to John.

·         Nick had a meeting with John Omolo about extending the leaving date for the summer to 12 p.m. the next day.  It was passed by Senate.

·         Casey Eddings asked about the laundry coin machines being replaced or getting card swipes… or whatever the deal is.  And we don’t know yet.  Research time for Sam Bode and Dr. Hardin.

·         Collegeview Apartments question about paying for bug inspections and stuff.  Call Connie Gardner about ANY Collegeview problems/questions.  She’ll take care of it.


IV. Departmental Liaison Reports

·         Cars in front of Raney – talk to city of Conway because it’s a city concern.  The “street department” would be the one that needed to notified.  Dr. Hardin is going to help us out here.

·         Puddles – nothing can be done; puddles or dead grass.

·         Chairs and tables – they were all broken… and we don’t have any money to replace.



V. Committee Reports


  • Elections Commission with Amanda Brooks
    • Filing closed at 6:30; meeting tonight.  Elections next Tuesday.  Work at the polls if you can, please.
  • Multicultural Development Committee with James Murray
    • Same as last time.  Latin Dance Group (Sept. 15)
    • Brick Pit NWA LATINO from 9-10:30
    • Babel movie on September 24, 2007 at 8:00 in the Burrow.
  • Social Committee with Sam Jackson
    • From Tim Pote:  Sadie Hawkins is this Saturday.  Might need help running it.
    • Faux Rush Week… Saturday the 22nd is the Foam Party.
  • Media Committee with Megan Wooley
    • Yearbook applications still being taken for Section Editor.  Closes probably in two weeks.
      • Last years’ yearbook might not come out until January or so.
    • Wed. and Thurs. at 6:00 p.m. in Mills (somewhere) for DJ meetings.
    • Profile options still being considered.
  • Council on Residence Life with Robert Fureigh
    • Dorms have ballets about hours and visitation.  The dorms handle when the people can vote.
  • Campus Kitty with Hina Mehta
    • Applications being taken until September 16
    • Still looking for a new Fall event.
    • Campus Kitty is looking for a new Faculty Advisor because Dean Bailey was the previous sponsor-person.
  • Environmental Concerns Committee with Maggie McKinney
    • Saturday through Sunday – ECC Retreat.  Come back with complete list of committee and their roles.  Also it will have the list of proposed plans/events for the year.
  • Academic Policy with Katie Pearce
    • Next meeting is Thursday:  email questions.
  • Student and Academic Concerns Committee with BJ Fogleman and Katie Pearce
    • Southside complaints from the ugly Arkansas Garden.  Maybe we should redesign the Arkansas Garden into a more “botanical garden”.
  • Finance Committee with Samantha Bode
    • FinCom meeting from 1-5 on Sunday.
  • Communications Committee with Lin Poff
    • Pictures for Senate Wall please!
  • Committee on Committees with Shlok Vaidya
    • Appoint Caelan O’Sullivan to a Student-At-Large Member to CoC.  Motion passed.
    • Resolution for MDC to encompass other clubs that fit under the entitled name of “Multicultural Development Committee”.  Change needs to be made more slowly and details hammered out more concretely.  It has been tabled until Clubs/Organizations will be notified about these possibilities and opinions have been received.
    • Thursday meeting about Welcome Week at 6:00 Private Dining Room
  • Executive Committee with Will Green


VI. Unfinished Business

  • CJC needs new blood
  • Shirttails Mini-Update


VII. New Business

  • Dr. Hardin with More Construction
  • BJ Fogleman with a Proposal


VIII. Adjournment until September 11, 2007

Clean up:  Veasey, Raney, Galloway