Religious Life

Interfaith Initiative

The Interfaith Initiative welcomes students of all religious, spiritual, and philosophical commitments to build a community of mutual respect and understanding in service to the world. Students of diverse cultural and spiritual heritages have opportunities to explore and grow in the disciplines of their respective religious traditions, and to work together across a variety of religious beliefs and practices. Students may become involved through:

  • Interfaith Community Meal is shared among students from all religious, spiritual, and philosophical traditions. Over a homemade meal, they build community and consider how diverse traditions can help us lead meaningful lives and contribute to the well-being of the world. ICM is held on Thursdays at 5:20pm in Worsham North. 
  • Hendrix Interfaith includes representation from every faith and non-faith tradition on campus. It facilitates expressions of, and dialogue among, every tradition through volunteerism, dinners, and other events. To suggest events, voice concerns, or request support for your religious or secular interests (we respect anonymity), email