Hendrix Memorial Garden

Hendrix Memorial Garden

Its Time Has Come

Over the past several years, Hendrix College alumni and friends have asked about the possibility of dedicating a sacred place on campus, a place where those who love or are connected to Hendrix may choose to be interred. In response to this, Hendrix has introduced the Hendrix Memorial Garden, located directly to the south of Greene Chapel.

Hendrix Memorial Garden opened in July 2014 with 96 niches available for purchase, with each niche offering room for two urns. The location is quiet, yet near the heart of the campus, allowing effortless visitation for family members and friends. Parking is quite convenient, requiring only a minute's walk to the Garden.

Perpetual care is included with the purchase of a niche, as is the cost of the urn(s) and engraving of the plaque(s). The use of Greene Chapel for memorial services is also included, based on availability, if so desired by the family. Organist and clergy fees are not included in the cost, but may be requested if desired by the family.

Choosing Your Own Special Place

Hendrix Memorial Garden's columbarium is a vertical octagonal structure made of granite, offering 12 niches on each of its eight sides. Here is a diagram showing the location of all 96 niches. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the availability of specific niches.