Hendrix Memorial Garden

Reservations and Cost

Cost for each niche is $2,500, including up to two urns and name engraving on the niche. To make Hendrix Memorial Garden as accessible as possible, the College will accept reservations for niches with a deposit of $500, with the balance being due within 120 days from receipt of the deposit.  

Hendrix College Interim Chaplain Ellen Alston will serve as the curator of the Memorial Garden. For more information or to reserve a niche, contact Reverend Alston at (501) 450-1263 or at alston@hendrix.edu.   Reservations may also be made online.

To Reserve

On the online reservation form, please select which face of the columbarium you would prefer and select which niche(s) you would like on that face.

When this form is received, we will send you a packet containing the Columbarium Guidelines, the general specifications for the columbarium, and a License Agreement. At that time you can complete the License Agreement, verify the location of your niche from available spaces, and purchase it. For more information, contact Reverend Alston at (501) 450-1263 or at alston@hendrix.edu.

Face and Niche Selection