Religious Life

Chapel Schedule

 Chapel musicians fall 2016

Chapel Schedule for Fall 2021

Weekly interdenominational worship services are held on Monday nights at 6:30pm in Greene Chapel. Services include traditional, praise worship and  once a month at 5:45 p.m. in Worsham Hall for Dinner Church (see below for more information).  Worship is planned and led by the Chaplain and Hendrix students.

Open table communion is held on Wednesday Mornings at     7:45 a.m. in Greene Chapel. 

Following our worship services, enjoy a time of fellowship with friends just outside the Chapel. 

Interested in ministry as a church leader or non-profit? Join us for Exploring Ministries Together on Monday nights at 7:15 p.m..  Contact Eva Englert-Jessen for more information,

Chapel Schedule for Fall Semester 2021

Sermon Series: 

Aug 30 Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Sep 13 Mon 6:30pm
Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Sep 20Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Sep 27Mon5:45pmDinner  Church in Worsham
Oct 4 Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Oct 11 Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Oct 18Mon5:45 pmDinner  Church in Worsham
Oct 25 Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Nov 1 Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Nov 8 Mon 6:30pm Rev. Ellen Alston, preaching
Nov 15 Mon 5:45pm Dinner  Church in Worsham


*Dinner church is an intimate, "come as you are" form of worship that takes place over a shared meal, anchored in the belief that sacred and transformative things happen when we break bread together and bear witness to the love of God in each person around the table.   It places the Communion meal and all that it represents at the center of the worship experience, and is a participatory service that includes shared prayers, serving one another the bread and cup, and a "sermon" that takes the form of a brief message followed by table conversation on a specific topic. 

  Many faith communities have been sharing worship and fellowship over food for centuries, so in that respect dinner church is not particularly "new." It is new in terms of it being the primary form that some congregations take, rather than a more traditional liturgical worship service. One of the first dinner church communities, St. Lydia's, was established by a young Episcopal priest in2008 in Brooklyn, New York, who heard many young adults express a desire to do church differently and to combat social isolation. It has since become a movement, with dozens of dinner church communities gathering all over the United States.