Religious Life

Non-Profit Jobs


GLOBAL JUSTICE VOLUNTEERS is a program through the United Methodist Church. The program is designed to enable young adults who are 18-25 years old to have short-term experiences living and learning along side people whose lives are shaped by justice work. The program provides opportunities for cross-cultural exposure, learning, and service. Through this program, a space is created for individuals who are willing to make short-term commitments to mission and who desire to explore the links between faith and justice. Katie Pearce participated in this program.


GRACEWORKS COMMUNITY is a volunteer program for the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Conferences of The United Methodist Church. Young adults (age 18-30) serve full-time at community agencies in Cheyenne, Wyoming, while living together in intentional community for a year at a time. For more information, go to

INTERFAITH WORKER JUSTICE (IWJ) believes in the future of young people as emerging leaders in the struggle for economic justice. It has a 10-week summer internship program that assists students in building a solid foundation on the principles of sacred religious traditions. This summer experience teaches skills in organizing, advocacy, and social analysis, and provides hands on experience in working to improve the lives of workers. Becca Boone participated in this program. For more information, go to the website at

WESTMORELAND VOLUNTEER CORPS Spend an unforgettable year working in direct social service to the poor through an internship with a Washington area service agency. Share a simple lifestyle in intentional community with four other young adults, where spiritual growth is encouraged and nourished. Every year, hundreds of people in the Washington, DC, area benefit from the efforts of the five WVC members, who carry out direct service through local social service agencies. For a modest participation fee these organizations receive full-time staff support in AIDS ministry, disadvantaged youth, elderly support and outreach, employment counseling and job search, health clinics and maternal/child health care, homeless service agencies and shelters, refugee support, and social justice and advocacy. Each year’s agency assignments are matched with the interests, skills, academic training, and career goals of the five volunteers. WVC volunteers may qualify for AmeriCorps grants and deferred tuition. For most volunteers, their service year is the first step toward careers in social service, medicine, ministry, international aid, justice, and advocacy. Key info: admission to the program is rolling, they fly you out to interview if selected, and the website is For more information, contact Hendrix grad Joni Podschun at