Religious Life

Exploring Ministry Together

Exploring Ministry Together, EMT, is a group of Hendrix students who come together to explore their call to ministry in the United Methodist tradition. The group meets in the Miller Center after the Sunday night chapel service where they have some great fellowship time and then learn about the varied forms of ministry.  Members are encouraged to engage their callings by becoming Inquiring Candidates, and possibly Certified Candidates, both under the mentorship of Rev. J.J. Whitney. In addition to sharing journey of vocation within the group, many ministers are invited to come and speak with the group. Guests have included Bishop Mueller, Shane Claiborne, area United Methodist ministers, and professionals in ministry.

EMT meets at 7:45 p.m. on Sunday evenings (right after chapel) in the Miller Center (SLTC 133).

For more information contact Rev. J.J. Whitney at or call the Miller Center at 1-(501)-450-4590.