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This program focuses on European history, institutions, decision-making, law, identity and security. The program uniquely integrates coursework, research and internship.

Brussels, 2016

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is the headquarters of most of the European Union's institutions. The City of Brussels is one of 19 municipalities that make up the Brussels-Capital Region. The metropolitan area has about 2.5 million inhabitants.

Brussels is also the political seat of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Western European Union (WEU), the World Customs Organization (WCO) and EUROCONTROL, the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation. Some countries have three ambassadors present in Brussels: the normal bi-lateral ambassador, the EU Ambassador, and finally the NATO ambassador.

Hendrix's partner for this study abroad program is the prestigious Institute for European Studies (IES), a unit of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the Flemish "Brussels Free University." IES is a master-level educational institution; through special arrangement, it has agreed to teach Hendrix students through this program.

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Brussels 2

The Hendrix-in-Brussels program provides varied and intensive study opportunities. Participants will complete on-line learning modules before departing for Brussels. The in-country education begins with a week-long overview of European history and culture.

The meat of the academic experience involves three courses taught by IES (with Hendrix students attending these classes together as a cohort group):

  • European Institutions and Decision-Making
  • European Identity
  • European Security

Additionally, students will pick one elective course from the larger VUB or VUB's liberal arts college, Vesalius College. Students will also complete a research paper under the direction of an IES faculty member. Finally, participants will undertake an internship.

The Hendrix student who successfully completes the coursework, research paper, and internship will earn four Hendrix credits.

Language of Instruction

All coursework is in English, with the opportunity to study Flemish or French as an elective.


Grades will appear on each student's Hendrix transcript, but do NOT figure into the cumulative GPA. Students must earn the equivalent of a "C" to be awarded transfer credit. Participants can earn four academic credits and one internship credit.


IES faculty and staff members are well-connected with the international community, and have a strong track record of placing students in meaningful internships. Each Hendrix student will also complete an internship within nonprofit, governmental, think tank and for-profit organizations. For example, some of the current sites include: European Business Network, EGMONT Royal Institute for International Relations, Brussels Institute for Contemporary China Studies, European Voice Newspaper, and New Europe Newspaper.


The cost of the Brussels semester may vary considerably depending on the exchange rate. As of now, students should plan to spend around $4,000 more for the experience than they would normally on campus. The fee includes tuition, room and board. Additional expenses for students include airfare, "pocket money," and visa expenses.

Financial Aid

Normally, all financial aid applies, including Hendrix scholarships. Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office.


Students are required to secure a Belgium student visa to study in Brussels. Normally this requires a trip to the Atlanta Consulate. For now Hendrix has been granted special permission to handle this through the mail, but this situation could change at any time. The Office of International Programs may assist with the Visa process and paperwork.


Students live in double-occupancy, student apartment buildings in Brussels. They can prepare their own meals or eat in restaurants. A meal stipend will be provided weekly.

Academic Calendar

The Hendrix-in-Brussels Program will be offered every spring semester. Normally the program will run from early January to late May.

 Brussels, 2016 (Lala, Logan, McWard)

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