Biology Department

Maureen McClung, Ph.D.

 Maureen McClung 

2011 - Assistant Professor of Biology
Ph.D, University of Arkansas, '13
M.S., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill '06
Pg.Dip.Sci., University of Otago - New Zealand  '02
B.A., Hendrix College '01

DW Reynolds Room 413
Fax 501-450-4547


Courses taught:

BIOL 101 - Concepts in Biology
BIOL 102 - Natural History
BIOL 104 - Environmental Biology
BIOL 150 - Cell Biology
BIOL 220 - General Zoology
BIOL 300 - Comparative Animal Behavior 
BIOL 365 - Ecology & Evolution 
BIOL 375 - Conservation Biology
LBST 150 - The Engaged Citizen: The Engaged Listener

Research interests

I am broadly interested in wildlife behavior and ecology, particularly as they relate to anthropogenic disturbance. Humans have an incredible impact on ecosystems through development and resource management. Identifying the responses of wildlife to these actions is both an ethical responsibility and a scientific opportunity.

My current research addresses issues in animal communication and community dynamics. Recent field projects include investigating the influence of chronic noise from gas extraction on bird song and breeding bird numbers, and the impacts of noise on honey bee waggle dance communication, fish-algae trophic relationships, and waterfowl habitat selection. I also collaborate with Dr. Matthew Moran on questions regarding land-use and ecosystem services, especially as they relate to oil and gas development across the United States. Undergraduates are an integral part of my research, and I enjoy providing opportunities for field research to students interested in ecology.

Recent publications

(*denotes undergraduate co-authors)

Taylor NT*, Davis KM*, Abad H*, McClung MR, Moran MD. In press. Ecosystem services of the Big Bend region of the Chihuahuan Desert. Ecosystem Services.

Moran MD, Taylor NT*, Mullins TF*, Sardar SS*, McClung MR. 2017. Land-use ecosystem services costs of unconventional oil and gas in the United States. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 15(5): 237-242.

Cox AB*, Taylor NT*, Rebein KA*, Song MS*, Moran MD, McClung MR. 2017. Land use changes from unconventional gas development in public lands of the Fayetteville Shale. Natural Areas Journal 37(2): 233-239.

Bradley CE*, McClung MR. 2015. Vocal divergence and discrimination of long calls in tamarins: a comparison of allopatric populations of Saguinus fuscicollis nigrifrons and S. f. lagonotus. American Journal of Primatology 77(6): 679-687.

Moran MD, Cox AB*, Wells RL*, Benichou CC*, McClung MR. 2015. Habitat loss and modification due to gas development in the Fayetteville Shale. Environmental Management 55(6): 1276-1284.