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Dr. Stella Capek(1)

 Dr. Capek  

Dr. Stella M. Capek, Professor of Sociology, holds a B.A. from Boston University (`75) and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin (`81; `85).  She teaches courses on environmental sociology, social change/social movements, medical sociology, urban/community sociology, images of the city, gender and family in a cross-cultural perspective, sociological theory, and research methods.  She has also team-taught student-faculty travel seminars in Costa Rica and in the Southwest. 

She is especially interested in interdisciplinary environmental studies and social justice issues.  She has published articles on environmental justice, tenants` rights and housing issues, urban/community dynamics, grassroots movements, and women's health issues.  She has co-authored two books, Community Versus Commodity: Tenants and the American City (1992) and Come Lovely and Soothing Death: The Right To Die Movement in the United States (1999).  Outside of the classroom she enjoys hiking, writing, weaving, yoga, and dance. She has been a member of the Hendrix faculty since 1986. 

Dr. Capek will teach a unit on "Nature, Culture, and Ecotourism" at the very beginning of the semester.