Sample Packing List

These materials will be sent to you prior to attending a college fair.

Types of Materials   Small Fair   Large Fair   Purpose 
Table Set-Up  
Poster 1 1 Display on Table;
Keep for Future Fairs
Table Tent/Easel 2 2 Display on Table;
Keep for Future Fairs
Plastic Table Cover 1 1 Keep for future fairs if reusable
Handouts for Students  
Table Pieces 50 100 General information about Hendrix
Inquiry Cards 25 50 Students who want more information should fill out and leave these with you.
Athletics Brochure 10 20 For students who want more information about athletics
Financial Aid Brochure 25 50 General information
Online Catalog Cards 20 40 To direct students to on-line course catalog.
Business Cards 20 40 Give to students interested in Hendrix who may want to contact the admission counselor.
Reference Materials  
Course Catalog 1 1 These materials are for your reference. They are not meant for distribution to all students.
Viewbook 1 1
Additional Materials  
Name Tags with Logo 2 2 Please wear a name tag while at the fair.
Pens 5 5 For your use and for students who are completing inquiry cards.
Preprinted College Fair Evaluation Form 1 1 Complete and return to Hendrix with completed inquiry cards
10" X 13" Manila Envelope stamped with Hendrix Address 1 1 Use for returning College Fair Evaluation and inquiry cards to Hendrix.