College Fair Setup

Our college fair packets are designed to help us introduce Hendrix College to prospective students while using our resources effectively. The table piece provides basic information about the College.  It attempts to capture the spirit of Hendrix, introduces academic and social life and describes the distinctive opportunities of the Odyssey program.  Completing the inquiry card ensures that the student will receive customized information from our office after the college fair.

This diagram is intented to be a guide for setting up the college fair display:  

Jack for PATH table  

  • The diagram above is provided as a suggestion of how you may want to arrange the materials on your table.  A disposable table cloth will be provided, and a Hendrix banner with the College's logo is to be centered over the lip of the table. 
  • It is important to encourage all prospective students to complete an inquiry card while visiting the college fair table. If you run out of inquiry cards, you can remove and use the card that is attached to the table piece. An additional option is to keep a list containing the student name, address, phone number, high school name, and year of graduation.
  • All other materials are intended as reference guides and/or as special handouts for students who show a serious interest in Hendrix or in a specific area. Another student may request a specialty brochure and you may ask him/her to request it on the card they have filled out.
  • Helping students focus on their interests can ensure they receive the information they need. Asking some leading questions such as: "What is your academic interest?" can be an effective way to guide them. While you may only be able to interact with a few students at a busy college fair, it will be well worth the effort. By the end of the fair, you may find that you have given out most of your materials and you were able to have some brief, but important conversations with prospective students.