College Fair Guidelines

The Hendrix admission staff reviews college fair invitations to determine whether the College will send a representative and what type of staffing is appropriate: one or more PATH members, an admissions officer, or a combination of the two. Any fair we request assistance with is important, meaning we need your help if you can provide it.

Types and Formats of Fairs

There are generally three types of college fairs: 

  • Local fairs are usually hosted by a high school and last two hours.
  • Regional fairs are usually sponsored by state associations of admissions counseling. They are held in larger arenas (e.g. community colleges, convention centers) to accommodate students from many high schools within the region. These fairs may run from two to four hours.  We will commonly seek to identify two or more PATH volunteers to work in shifts for the longer fairs.
  • Large national fairs are usually sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling and last four to six hours and may be staffed by several PATH volunteers in shifts.

The college fair format is as follows:  

  • Hendrix is assigned a table in a gym or cafeteria through which students and their parents circulate.  It is a browsing or shopping type of atmosphere.  Students and/or their parents will come by your table, ask some general questions, complete an inquiry card, and pick up some materials.
  • Please see the College Fair Setup section for more information.

Procedures for Representing Hendrix at a College Fair

Once you have agreed to attend a college fair the Admission Office will:  

  • Send you a confirmation letter and a copy of the fair invitation. The confirmation letter will indicate if you are the representative who will receive the college fair supplies.
  • Forward any subsequent correspondence from the sponsor of the college fair to you. This may include directions to the fair.
  • Send you the college fair supply box one to two weeks before the college fair. If more than one PATH member is attending a college fair, one of you will be designated to receive the supplies.
  • Email or phone you several days before the fair to be sure the materials have arrived and to see if there is anything else you need. We would be happy to answer any last minute questions you have at this time.

Important Things to Remember  

  • Review your college fair materials in advance. Most questions you will be asked are answered in them.
  • Be sure you know the location of the fair. If the information is not in the fair invitation, contact the high school guidance office, the sponsoring organization, or the Hendrix Admission Office.
  • Be on time for a college fair.
  • Be sure to check in and register with college fair officials.
  • Remain at your table or in your assigned classroom for the duration of the college fair.
  • You will not be expected to be an expert of the College’s programs or have all of the latest statistics at your finger tips.  If you don’t know an answer to a question, that’s okay, just say so. “I don’t know” is better than a wrong answer.  You will have reviewed the material on the table and perhaps can direct the questioner to an answer in the literature.  Otherwise, ask the student to write the question on the inquiry card, or refer the student to the admissions officer responsible for the student’s region (her or his business cards will be in the box sent to you).
  • Unless you can follow through, don’t make promises. (For instance, don’t promise a student special information unless you will be able to call campus for the information and then contact the student.) Please refer them to the admissions officer for your region.
  • If you have a last-minute emergency and are unable to attend a fair, please call the sponsoring high school or organization and inform them. It reflects badly on Hendrix to be a “no show” at a college fair. Please inform the Admission Office as well.
  • Return the completed College Fair Report Form and inquiry cards promptly after the fair in the envelope provided. Keep the banner and table covering for future fairs.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself - fairs are fun!