College Fair Handbook

Role of PATH Volunteers

The initial focus for PATH continues to be identifying PATH volunteers who will represent Hendrix at college fairs around the country that the admission staff cannot attend.  This is an efficient way for the College to build name recognition and present its distinctive message and programs to prospective students.  Some twenty years ago alumni and parent volunteers began representing Hendrix during two weeks of college fairs in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  As you may know we now enroll more students from DFW than from any other metropolitan area other than Pulaski County in Arkansas.  Since then we have employed much the same strategy in Houston, Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Nashville to great success!  Last year PATH volunteers assisted in representing Hendrix at 45 college programs as far away as Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles as well as in Arkansas and the surrounding states.  Currently, there are approximately 100 active PATH members in 12 states (plus DC).

College Fairs

College fairs, college nights, and college days are similar events that occur mostly in the fall and spring. They provide opportunities for college representatives to speak with large numbers of students, and often to parents. They are an important contact between prospective students and representatives of the college.  Many students first learn of Hendrix at a college fair. College fairs give you the opportunity to encourage the student's interest in Hendrix by providing a firsthand perspective about the College.

Resources for College Fair Volunteers