Hendrix College Leadership Scholarship

The Leadership Scholars program challenges students’ perspectives on leadership by exploring its many forms and facets. Based on three guiding principles of living, learning and leading, the program attempts to achieve the following core competencies: self-awareness; self-confidence; ability to take a broad, systemic view; ability to work effectively in social systems; ability to think creatively; and ability to learn from experience. To be considered, you must have been involved in high school and community organizations and have demonstrated leadership ability and potential. Participation as a Leadership Scholar may also be applied toward an Odyssey credit (Professional and Leadership Development).

Renewal of the scholarship for up to three additional years is dependent on the successful completion of a set program.

Application requirements:

  • -submission of Hendrix’s online extracurricular scholarship application by February 1
  • -resume detailing leadership involvement
  • -essay centered on your involvement in leadership positions
  • -letter of recommendation from an individual who has observed you in a leadership role
  • -letter of recommendation