Hendrix College Impact Scholarship

The Hendrix College Impact Scholarship is awarded to students that have a desire to work toward social justice-related issues such as gender equality, poverty, diversity & inclusion, LGBTQ equality, and many other public policy, advocacy, and awareness issues. The scholarship program will be designed to cultivate active leaders for social change through self-examination, professional development, and community and campus involvement. Applicants must have a demonstrated passion in pursuing these efforts through previous involvement in community or school-related organizations or projects designed to further such causes. Participation in the Impact Scholars program may also be applied toward an Odyssey credit (Professional and Leadership Development).

Renewal of the scholarship for up to three additional years is dependent on the successful completion of a set program.

Application requirements:

  • Submission of Hendrix’s online scholarship application by February 1
  • Résumé detailing involvement/activism in social justice related causes
  • Essay detailing the reason behind your commitment to social justice and how you plan to continue your passions in your college career either on campus or in the community at large
  • Letter of recommendation from a mentor or individual that has observed you in your social justice experiences