2016-2017 Charges and Expenses

Direct Charges
Tuition $42,090
Activity Fee $350
Board $5,618
Room $5,962
Total direct charges $54,020

Estimated Additional Expenses (August-May)
Books $900
Health Insurance $1359
Supplies $150
Food (Incidental) $550
Toiletries $200
Laundry $75
Items for room $200
Clothing for unexpected weather $125
Entertainment $400
Transportation (Local) $150
Total $4,109
Estimated Total with Expenses $58,129

Estimated Personal Expenses for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Break:

International students will incur additional expenses during the four-day fall break, the month-long winter holiday break, the week-long spring break, and the three-month summer break (unless he or she returns home.)  During the fall, winter, and spring breaks the residence halls remain open for international students; however, no meals are served on campus.  In many instances international students are invited to spend the shorter breaks with friends in the United States.  If an international student does not return home for the summer months, he or she must make other arrangements for housing and meals.  The following are only estimates.  The figures could vary widely, of course, for the summer break depending on how many people share a room and if the student receives Hendrix summer housing.

Fall break $60 for meals ($15/day)
Winter break $450 for meals
Spring break $105 for meals
Subtotal $615
Total $58,744
Summer break $2,500 for meals, housing and utilities
Grand Total $61,244