Rwanda Presidential Scholars Program

Program Structure

The government has chosen math, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology as the areas of primary focus for the program. Because of the high cost of equipping laboratories and recruiting qualified professors in these specialized areas of study, it is currently impracticable to educate the students in Rwanda.

Pools of scholarship candidates are established by the Rwandan Ministry of Education based on national high school test scores and other objective standards, such as English language proficiency examinations. This merit-based approach is intended to avoid favoritism in the selection process and ensure that the government’s limited financial resources are spent on educating its most promising students in these designated areas.

Once these pools are established, representatives from Hendrix and other participating schools travel to Rwanda and select scholarship recipients based on national test scores, high school transcripts, English language proficiency and personal interviews. Recipients receive four-year, undergraduate scholarships subject to satisfactory academic performance. In return, the students are required to return to Rwanda following graduation and work for a minimum of five years. They also repay the Rwandan government a portion of the funds advanced to cover costs of the program such as room, board, transportation and living allowances.