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Dr. Kiril Kolev

Associate Professor, Department of Politics

Director, The Hendrix Odyssey Program

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Curriculum VitaeKolev 2012

Office Location: SLTC 245
Email: kolev@hendrix.edu
Phone: 501-450-1236

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  • Ph.D., Duke University
  • B.A., Whittier College


Peer Reviewed 

2020     “Weak Pluralism and Shallow Democracy: The Rise of Identity Politics in Bulgaria and Romania.” East European Politics. 

2019     "Ethnic Inequality, Partisan Networks and Political Clientelism.” (with Yi-ting Wang). Political Research Quarterly. 

2018    “Do Private Donations Depress Electoral Turnout? An Empirical Investigation of Voter Participation.” (with Anushah Jiwani, former student). Electoral Studies 52: 73–83.

2015     "Varying the Un-Variable: Social Structure, Electoral Formulae, and Ballot-Rigging." (with Fabrice Lehoucq). Political Research Quarterly 68 (2): 240-252.
Replication Data

2014     “The Contingent Effect of Institutions: Electoral Formulas, Ethnic Polarization and Election Quality.” Electoral Studies 35: 200–214. 

2014     "Empowering the Marginalized Voter: Clientelism in Heterogeneous Societies." (with Mitch Goist). Midsouth Political Science Review 15(2): 59-79.

2009     "Measuring Democratic Accountability: An Initial Report on an Emerging Data Set." (with Herbert Kitschelt, Kent Freeze and Yi-ting Wang). Revista de Ciencia Politica, vol. 29, no. 3: 741-773.


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