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Reminders from the Associate Provost

This message was sent to all current students the morning of August 19, 2020.


The Office of Academic Affairs is excited about the beginning of fall classes and we hope that you are excited as well! New first-year students begin their TEC classes today and all other classes begin on Thursday or Friday. You have probably heard from many of your instructors about how your classes will be conducted. Remember that the general statement about how classes will be conducted was available earlier and appears here. The statement is the first item in the FAQ list.

Here is a short list of last-minute reminders about your first classes.

  • Before any of your classes check to see that you have loaded the Microsoft Teams software on the computer(s) you will be using for classes. You can use the web version of Teams (using your WebMail account) or you can click the “teams” icon in the leftmost menu in the program or app. More detailed information appears here
  • When you first open Teams, all (or most all) of your classes will have preloaded group pages under the “teams” icon in the leftmost menu. More detailed information appears here on using Teams.  If any of your classes do not yet appear, they will show in the list once faculty have activated them.
  • Many faculty will also be using Moodle to run their courses and to manage assignments.  If you haven’t used Moodle previously, don’t worry, your faculty will let you know how you will use Moodle for their course.
  • A few minutes before the start of one of your classes, you need to:
    • Open your Teams software.
    • Click the “teams” icon on the leftmost menu of the Teams homepage.
    • Find your class icon in the list of your Teams and click on it.
    • Wait for the instructor to begin the class meeting.  In the conversation list on that page you will see a camera icon and a link to “join.” When that link appears, all you have to do is click it. Then a dialogue box opens that allows you to toggle on and off your audio and video. You are then in the class.
    • Once you are in the class, your instructor will take over from there and give you instructions.

    If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact your instructor or me.


    Dr. David Sutherland

    Associate Provost and Professor of Mathematics