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Hendrix Biology Professor and Student Publish Research in Video Journal

Duina, Andrea - 20101006 - 13495090CONWAY, Ark. (February 13, 2017) – Hendrix College biology professor Dr. Andrea Duina and Claire Turkal ’18 recently published "Targeted in Situ Mutagenesis of Histone Genes in Budding Yeast," a video article based on work from Duina’s research lab in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), a peer-reviewed scientific video journal. 

Watch the video here. The full article is available with a journal subscription here.

From the abstract:

“We describe a PCR- and homologous recombination-based system for generating targeted mutations in histone genes in budding yeast cells. The resulting mutant alleles reside at their endogenous genomic sites and no exogenous DNA sequences are left in the genome following the procedure. Since in haploid yeast cells each of the four core histone proteins is encoded by two non-allelic genes with highly homologous open reading frames (ORFs), targeting mutagenesis specifically to one of two genes encoding a particular histone protein can be problematic. The strategy we describe here bypasses this problem by utilizing sequences outside, rather than within, the ORF of the target genes for the homologous recombination step. Another feature of this system is that the regions of DNA driving the homologous recombination steps can be made to be very extensive, thus increasing the likelihood of successful integration events. These features make this strategy particularly well-suited for histone gene mutagenesis, but can also be adapted for mutagenesis of other genes in the yeast genome.”

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