N-STEAD Interns

We are no longer accepting applications for the N-STEAD Intern Program.

The N-STEAD Intern program is a competitive program that allows freshman and sophomore students to explore the field of STEM teaching.  

Benefits of the N-STEAD Intern Program

  • Paid internship ($1,800)
  • Explore the field of STEM teaching by engaging in informal science professional development
  • Make an impact by helping expose young students to the wonders of science
  • Visit Delta communities and connect with community members

Expectations of the N-STEAD Intern

Interns participate in the Ridin' Dirty with Science program.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Aligning the program activities with learning goals from state standards
  • Developing and teaching new STEM activities
  • Developing assessment materials and evaluating the outcomes of the programs

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