Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics and Calling

Academic Exploration of Vocation

The discernment of vocation employs the mind and the heart.  It requires the healthy integration of what we believe about the “big questions” with the practical realities of what we can do well and what makes us feel right about what we do and why we do it. The Miller Center encourages the development of courses and hands-on learning opportunities that engage students and faculty in questions about values and faith and their application to how one is to live.  It seeks to further the discussion on campus of what it means to have a “vocation” and how others have successfully “pursued’ or “discovered” their calling. 

LBST 200 Vocation & Integrity: A Call to Wholeness.  What does a life expressing wholeness look like? What are the joys and struggles of leading a life of commitment and integrity?  This and other questions related to the search for a life well lived are investigated in this interdisciplinary course taught by a team of four to six faculty.  Class size is kept small enough for active discussion that helps students connect the study of literary and  philosophical texts and artistic expressions to their personal questions about how to integrate career and calling, work and meaning, service and fulfillment.

Faculty and Staff Workshops

Stipends are available for participation in workshops on the “Vocation of Teaching”,” the “Vocation of the Church-Related, Liberal Arts College” and other related topics. Times and exact topics vary yearly.  For information contact Dr. Peg Falls-Corbitt,