Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics and Calling

Summer Institute


The Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics, and Calling Summer Institute Works To Find Up And Coming Ministers

The Summer Institute is a week of spiritual and vocational exploration for United Methodist high school students who are considering professional ministry as a future vocation.  The students will spend the week shadowing clergy in Little Rock and participating in group activities such as community service projects, worship, and Bible study.  There will be plenty of time for fellowship and fun as well.  The Institute will be facilitated by the Miller Center (what was Hendrix-Lilly) personnel and Hendrix students.  The goal of the Summer Institute is to help youth to explore the possibilities of ordained ministry and to discern their own gifts for ministry.

For more information, call 501-450-4590.



             When my pastor gave me a letter two years ago about a free week-long camp that works to find God’s call to ministry in high-schoolers’ lives, I was less interested in finding my call to ministry, but more intent on spending a week having fun with my fellow peers, and at no cost to me!  But as soon as I stepped into the cozy Ferncliff Camp House, I began to feel God working in my life.  In fact, it was because of Hendrix-Lilly (now the Hendrix-Miller Center) that I even began to consider the fact that my life may very well lead down the path of a full time minister.  Now, after my second year in this program, I have not only grown closer to Christ, but have also witnessed the ministry that is in my future become easier and easier to see.

            Hendrix-Lilly has not only had a positive effect on my Christian journey, but has also been an opportunity to make lasting friendships, not only with my fellow attendees, but also with the caring, capable counselors that lead us through the journey.  Probably the most profound experience in the week is the deep philosophical discussions that take place among the people there.  By having these talks, we could synthesize just what we believe and grow closer to those around us.  The bonds that form are lifelong, to be sure.  I know that the connections I have made in my two weeks at Summer Institute will last well into my professional career.

            One final aspect of Hendrix-Lilly Summer Institute is the service opportunities.  Whether it is babysitting at Paw-Paw’s daycare service in Little Rock or sorting clothes at Soulfood Café, those involved leave Saturday feeling a great sense of accomplishment at making the world a better place.  And even though these things are just a taste of the daunting task of serving the world as a minister, it still goes to show that Summer Institute points young, aspiring teens in the right direction.

            From lifelong friends to a closer relationship to God, Hendrix-Lilly Vocations Initiative Summer Institute can offer something that every serious high school Christian could benefit from.  I confidently say that this camp is by far the best experience of my summer.  As long as there are people to be served, there will be Hendrix-Lilly to help find those gifted to do God’s work.  And that is a worthwhile thing to do.

Sim Barrow, Dover United Methodist Church