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Children's Ministry

Jobs in Children's Ministries


Asbury Methodist Church

Asbury United Methodist Church, a 1,000 member church in West Little Rock, is searching for a Children’s Intern.  This part-time person needs to have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, a passion for teaching children, and an interest in developing church leadership skills.  The job requires good social interaction skills, creativity, and a willingness work in a team environment. Computer skills are required and Early Childhood education is a plus.  If interested, please send resume and cover letter by email to Pam Snider at or by mail to:  Pam Snider, Asbury United Methodist Church, 1700 Napa Valley Drive, Little Rock, AR  72212.

Click here for in depth job description. 


Hamilton United Methodist Church

The Hamilton United Methodist Church is interested in hiring an intern to develop and implement a children and youth education program. We are looking for an energetic person to help us to reach out to our community and make Church a fun and learning environment for our children. We have several young families in the Church, and believe that such a program will enable us to increase our membership, as well as better serving these families. We have a budget of $500 per month, which can be used to pay for gasoline as well as compensation. The Church is located approximately 12 miles south of Carlisle. Resumes should be sent to Martha McCaskill via email, If you have any questions you can reach me at 501-529-1811, or Thank you for your assistance.

-Roddy McCaskill