Office of International Programs

How to Apply for Study Abroad

The Hendrix International/Intercultural Studies Committee (I/ISC) approves all students for study abroad. This includes students studying through Hendrix programs, Hendrix-affiliated programs, and external or independent programs.


The process begins with an application submitted to the Office of International Programs. The application requires:

  • basic student information
  • the approval of the student's academic advisor
  • a list of courses the student will take for the next two years
  • a short essay
  • two recommendation forms (one of which must be from a Hendrix professor)
  • a signed waiver which allows the committee to check the student's records

The application is due by 5 p.m., Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, to the Office of International Programs (SLTC 242).

The I/ISC will review the applications and notify students before the winter break. For many of the programs, approval by the I/ISC equates to acceptance into the program. This is true for Hendrix-in-Brussels, Hendrix-in-Graz, Hendrix-in-Heilongjiang, Hendrix-in-London, Hendrix-in-Shanghai, and Oxford Overseas Study Course. Students will be provided with additional paperwork for these programs.

For other programs, approval by the I/ISC allows the student to proceed to the second phase of application.

Please note that students CANNOT receive college credit for pass/fail classes taken abroad.

Click here to download the 2018-2019 Hendrix study away application.