Human Resources

Reporting Sexual Harassment or Assualt

This page contains the general procedures for faculty and staff reporting sexual harassment, assault, or any type of gender based discrimination.  If you are looking for student processes please visit this page instead.  Keep in mind that the contacts listed below are here to help, so even if you are uncertain as to who is the correct contact any of the individuals listed will be able to help you find the assistance you need.  If you need information about reporting other crimes, or Clery reports you will find that information on the relevant Public Safety page.

Members of the community who feel that they are victims of harassment or have witnessed harassment are strongly encouraged to report the incident(s) to the Human Resources department (501-450-1415) or the Provost’s Office (501-450-1273).  Either office will assist and the process will be consistent across the two. These options are available for the comfort and convenience of those reporting. All complaints will be investigated and resolved in a timely manner.  The college is committed to the preservation of the rights of both the accuser and the accused in question, including the right to confidentiality insofar as legal requirements and issues of individual and community safety allow, the right to the presumption of innocence, and the right to a fair and timely process.

For details on campus policies and procedures on this topic please consult the Staff Handbook or Faculty Handbook based on your classification.  Alternatively, you can simply contact any of the following individuals:

Title IX Coordinator: Shawn Goicoechea, or 501-450-1415

Title IX Investigator: Allison Vetter, or 501-450-2901

Title IX Deputies:

Vicki Lynn, or 501-450-1494

Jim Wiltgen, or 501-450-1222

Terri Bonebright, or 501-450-1273

Amy Weaver, or 501-450-3899