Sexual Misconduct

This policy is adapted from the model policies and code authored by the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management (  Use of this model policy has been licensed to Hendrix College for its Code of Conduct.  All other use is strictly reserved to NCHERM under its copyright.  Adaptation, use or copying of this code by any institution other than Hendrix College is not permitted without express written authorization by the copyright holder. 

Hendrix College believes in a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct.  When an allegation of sexual misconduct is brought to the administration, and a respondent is found to have violated this policy, sanctions will be used to address the misconduct.  All members of the community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. The Hendrix College Sexual Misconduct Policy has been developed to reaffirm these principles and to provide recourse for those individuals whose rights have been violated.  This policy has dual purposes.  It serves as a measure for the college to determine, after the fact, if behaviors trespass on community values.  It also should serve as a guide for students on college expectations for sexual communication, sexual responsibility and sexual respect.


            1. Sexual Harassment
            2. Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse (or attempts to commit same)
            3. Non-Consensual Sexual Contact (or attempts to commit same
            4. Sexual Exploitation

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