Human Resources

Hiring Student-Workers FAQ

Q: I keep receiving an error message telling me that I’ve entered an “incorrect username and password” or that there is “no matching username found” when trying to log into HireHendrix. I’ve already registered and have accessed the site before. What am I doing wrong?

A: Firstly, make sure you are on the login page for employers, not students (which looks nearly identical). The login page for employers is If this doesn’t work, try switching browsers. A lot of people have reported encountering issues when trying to log in to the system using Internet Explorer. Most have solved this problem by trying again using Chrome. If you continue to experience issues logging in, please email Leigh Lassiter-Counts (or call 450-1440). 

Q: I’ve made an update to my previously approved job posting in HireHendrix, but now there’s a red “x” showing up in the posting’s Approved column. Does my posting have to be reapproved after each update?

A: Yes, unfortunately, our system is currently set up to have us approve a job posting when it’s first submitted AND after each change. (Though you won’t get an approval email each time – just the first time.) This is largely because this setting doesn’t distinguish between work-study job postings and the job and internship postings that off-campus recruiters submit via the same system. We don’t want one of them submitting one thing, then changing it after it’s initially been reviewed/approved. (We try to catch questionable recruiters before this point, but this is just another step to help ensure we prevent bad information from getting to our students.) Rest assured that we are logging into the system several times a day to review/approve new and updated postings, so there shouldn’t be too much of a delay in the new information going live.

Q: What do I do if I’ve already hired my student worker for the year?

A: ALL work study jobs must be posted in the HireHendrix system, even if you already have a student hired. As a college, we need to have a better handle on how many and what types of positions exist in our student employment program.  Please follow the steps at (remember, you must first be logged in to Campus Web in order to access this website) to create an account and post your position(s) in HireHendrix.  WHEN ENTERING POSITIONS THAT ARE ALREADY FILLED: in the “posting date” and “expiration date” fields, enter the same date. This way the job never goes ‘live’ on the students’ job searching site, but the job is still captured in the system.  This will also help you in the future because all you’ll have to do is bring up the job from the archives when you need to post/hire another student.

Q: How do I know if the student I’ve hired (or want to hire) is Federal Work-Study eligible?

A: Encourage the student to contact the Financial Aid Office at 450-1368 if he or she is having difficulty determining FWS eligibility. Due to privacy issues, the Financial Aid Office can only provide FWS eligibility directly to the student; it can no longer disclose that information to supervisors upon request. If you are an office that hires numerous students, you can send a list of students to Kirsten Oesau and she can indicate which ones are what status for you. 

Q: Can my student begin work immediately after I enter his/her hiring information at the website?

A: No students may work until they receive their “Work Authorization” email from the Financial Aid office. The student’s supervisor will be copied on this email so as to be alerted that the student may now begin work. This is an important legal step that MUST happen before students can begin work.  The most common problem with this process is students not submitting all of their paperwork and documentation to Financial Aid.  Make sure your students fully understand the information provided at

Q: How will students know about this process?

A: We will be sending an informational email to all returning and new students about the HireHendrix system at the beginning of each academic year. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about the work-study procedures at Hendrix?

A: If you have questions about the Financial Aid area of work-study (student eligibility, hiring forms/paperwork, timecards, etc.) please contact Kirsten Oesau.

If you have questions about the HireHendrix website/entering jobs, please contact Leigh Lassiter-Counts.   

If you’re not sure whom to ask or have a more general question, we have created an email account that goes to our entire committee:  Feel free to email us at this account and one of us will get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.