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Hybrid and Remote Teaching Audio Devices


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Below are some microphone and headphone options to help you increase flexibility in your courses. If you choose to use these it is important that you turn off the owl microphone and speakers. It should be noted that you can pair any Bluetooth headset to your Bluetooth enabled computer and use those if you are already familiar with how a set you already own works.  

Ultimately these are a starting point, I myself have not tested them and have generally source these from articles and other educators. I have tried to keep the prices reasonable but in the end you can spend as much or as little as you like.  

Here is a list of audio devices that Microsoft has approved to work well with Teams, these are a spend as much as you want type of scenario

Hybrid Teaching Headsets: This article covers headsets that include over the ear headphones and microphones  


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: These typically fit In Ear and provide both a microphone and speaker. You have probably gained familiarity with these having seen Air pods or Galaxy buds with Apple or Samsung phones.  


Wireless Microphone Headset: This option plugs into your existing headphone jack but will not work if your headphone jack does not recognize microphones. You can also see if you have another input for microphones  


Wireless Lav and USB option: This will plug into a USB port and gives you some options. You may want to read the reviews thoroughly as there are some suggestions on ways to improve it.  

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