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How To Request Audio Visual Support


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To request A/V support for any planned campus event, you may either copy/paste the form below into the body of an e-mail to or follow this link to the online AV Support Request form.  Please submit your request as soon as you know the date/time of your event to allow the HelpDesk staff ample time to prepare for your event, and to ensure the necessary A/V equipment and support staff is available.  At minimum, A/V request forms should be sent in at least one week in advance.  If you will have a campus guest for your event, be sure to include a request for a guest wireless password at the time of your AV support request.

Certain types of outside events such as a dances, parties, musical performances, or shindigs may be supported by the Student Senate sponsored organization, SOMEC.  Requests for SOMEC support will still go through the HelpDesk, and SOMEC support for events will be determined by the SOMEC Chairs.  To allow SOMEC staff ample time to prepare for your event, and to ensure the necessary A/V equipment is available, A/V request forms should be sent in at least two weeks in advance. Late requests for events requiring SOMEC support may be required to pay late fees. 

If you are hosting a professional guest performer, please attach the Technical Rider portion of the contract to this e-mail.  E-mail us as soon as you reserve the space on the Master Calendar or before you make advertising fliers.

We look forward to working with you to make your event successful and memorable!

Event Title:  
Sponsoring Org:  
Your Name:  
Your Phone #:  
Start Time:  
End Time:  
Early Set Up Time: (only if AV needs to be ready more than 30 minutes before event start time.)  
Request: (Please describe your event, including what is being presented and the orientation of your audience.)  
Special Requests: (Anything unusual about your event, including an elaborate set up, a non-traditional location, enhanced audience interaction, etc.)  
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