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All lab computers are connected to the Hendrix Network (Hnet), the statewide ARKnet, and to the Internet.

Use Hendrix Mobile Print in the labs to print from your own device.  Print up to 2500 pages a year.  Check your print count on Campus Web

Special resources specific to some labs include:

  • Mac computers in the OTC
  • Color scanners in the Snoddy Computer Lab and OTC

There is a program on the computers in all of the labs to prevent virus and malware infections. This program also makes it where anything that is saved to the computer or desktop will not be saved permanently. We ask that if you need to save any work done on a lab computer, that you save your work to your OneDrive.

If you need to print something in color, submit a HelpDesk request using the Enter HelpDesk Request button and state the time you plan to come print.  You can send your document to HelpDesk in Teams chat.  Be sure to choose the HelpDesk with the Hx Shield icon. 

Location Hours Open Hours Staffed Printers Scanners
Snoddy Computer Lab*
(Bailey Library)
24/7 Not Staffed 2 1
Mills Lab (Mills 104C) 8AM - 10PM  Not Staffed 1 0
OTC (SLTC 142)** 6AM - 1AM 8AM - 10PM M-Th; 8AM-5PM F 1 1
Chemistry Lab
(MCAcxiom 222)
8AM - 5PM Not Staffed 1 0

Bibliography Lab
(Bailey Library)
Available by appointment Not Staffed 1 0

*The Snoddy Computer Lab is open around the clock whenever the residence halls are officially open. Otherwise, it is open during regular library hours, 8:30AM - 4:30PM. In addition, this lab's computers restart daily at 5am for updates. 
**The OTC is open on weekends from 6AM - 2AM, during which it is not staffed. On Fridays, the OTC is staffed until 5PM.

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