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Create and Solve Math Equation with Math Assistant


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Create Math Equation

  1. In your Class Notebook or OneNote, write or type an equation. You can write equations using the pen in the Draw tab. You can type an equation in linear format. Example: (x^2+4)/(x-3)

  2. Select the equation using the Marquee Select tool in the Class Notebook Draw tab or the Lasso Select tool in OneNote Draw tab. Selecting a typed equation will highlight its text box. Selecting drawn equations will highlight any strokes in the selected region.

  3. When the equation is selected, click the Math button. Click Fix It to correct individual strokes. OneNote will offer alternatives that you can select. Click Ink to Math to convert the written text into a typed math equation.

Solve Math Equation

  1. While the equation is still selected in Math, click Select an Action to choose an action that you would like the Math assistant to take. Click here to see what types of math equations are supported by the Math assistant.

  2. Here, Evaluate was selected from the Select an Action drop down. The solution is shown under the drop down box. You can drag the solution onto your page. You can then select show steps to see how OneNote came to that solution.

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