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Assignment settings import from another class


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If you want to use the same Assignment Default Presets you used before, you can import complete Assignment settings from a previous course including grading categories, weights and schemes.

1. Go to your new Teams Assignments settings page and click Import settings from another class.

2. Search and select the class Team from your entire history of courses, including archived courses.  (Any class Team where you're an owner.  Classes that share sections, can add Owners so that they can import settings or copy modules, as needed.)

3. Review the settings from the original course and click Import settings.

4.... and a second confirmation just be sure you don't overwrite settings in the origional course that you wanted to keep.

Your new course now has all of the settings and preferences from the previous class Team, including grading categories, weights, and schemes.  Now you can go and copy Classwork Modules into your new Team, and the copied Assignments will take on the corresponding settings.

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