History of Hendrix



Staples Auditorium and Greene Chapel were opened.


The first Hendrix student won a Woodrow Wilson Memorial Fellowship. Hendrix has gone on to have more students to win this Fellowship in proportion to its size than any other college in the U.S.


With financial support from the federal government, Hendrix constructed two new residence halls: Couch Hall for men and Raney Hall for women.


President Matt L. Ellis stepped down as president of the college to resume teaching as the chairman of the philosophy department.

Hendrix faculty reported to the Board of Trustees that "Hendrix continues to have an important Christian mission in education, both as a service agency to the church and as an educational institution consciously emphasizing Christian principles...giving religious matters an important place...[and] fostering religious interests in student life."

Varsity football was once again reinstated but on a trial basis.

The first color TV was installed on campus.


Hendrix alumnus Rev.Marshall T. Steel became the sixth president of the college and instituted a vigorous campaign for additional funding.


Varsity football was abolished at Hendrix.