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    Tuition Advantage FAQs

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Tuition Advantage?  
    If you qualify, the amount you will pay for tuition and fees before any non-Hendrix College-provided aid is applied will be no more than the published tuition and fees for the flagship institution in the state where you reside. Upon admission, all students will be considered for Hendrix College financial aid and scholarship programs. If, after all Hendrix College-provided aid is considered, you still owe more in tuition and fees than the published flagship rate for your state and meet the minimum qualifications for the Tuition Advantage program, we will award an additional scholarship to bring the amount down to the flagship institution rate.  Any outside scholarships and state and federal aid will be applied on top of these programs.  

    How do I know if I qualify? 
    This scholarship is merit-based but is not simply about achieving a certain standardized test score or GPA.  Your complete application is evaluated, including academic performance, leadership, extracurriculars, and volunteer work.  The only way to truly know if you will receive this scholarship is to apply for admission to Hendrix College.  

    How do I apply for this scholarship? 
    All accepted students are considered for this scholarship. You may be asked to submit additional supporting material. 

    What if my state flagship has a program that says under a certain income level I don’t have to pay anything, or pay a reduced tuition?  
    Our Tuition Advantage scholarship promise will match the published tuition of the state flagship institution, but does not consider any special tuition programs that those institutions may have.  

    What if I got scholarships at the flagship? Does that change my bottom line at Hendrix?  
    Our Tuition Advantage scholarship promise will match the published tuition of the state flagship institution, but does not consider any other scholarship programs that those institutions may have. You should check the website for any scholarships that you might be eligible for in your home state to see if they allow you to use the award outside of your state for a private institution.  

    The out of pocket would be no more than the flagship?  
    Not necessarily.  We only can guarantee that what you pay for tuition at Hendrix College will not exceed the published tuition you would pay at the state flagship college.    

    I’m in the top 7% of my high school class, and I get auto admission and discounting at my state flagship school. What about that?  
    We can only guarantee that your tuition at Hendrix College will not exceed the published tuition you would pay at the state flagship college.  We do not guarantee to meet any discounts or local scholarships that the flagship college may be offering you.  

    How did the college pick the flagship institutions?  
    For the Tuition Advantage program, we use the flagship universities for each state as defined by the College Board. A state’s flagship is usually a large university with the highest research profile and doctoral programs, and is frequently the state’s oldest and most prominent public institution. Flagships receive high quantities of applications, typically leading to relatively low acceptance rates.

    Does it include room and board?  

    Will transfers be included in the program?  
    Tuition Advantage is only available to first-year students (who have never before attended college as a degree-seeking student). Transfers are not included.  

    Is the Tuition Advantage locked in for four years?  
    The Tuition Advantage scholarship will renew at the same amount each year for four years (eight semesters). The amount you receive for your first year, which is based on the flagship tuition in your state the year you apply to Hendrix, is awarded as a merit scholarship. That scholarship renews at the same amount each year for four years if you maintain good academic and conduct standing. Hendrix tuition and fees may increase while you are enrolled and financial aid packages may change depending on your specific circumstances.

    What about tuition increases at other schools?  
    If you maintain good academic standing, your Tuition Advantage scholarship will renew at the same amount as initially awarded each year for four years. The amount of the scholarship is not recalculated based on tuition increases at flagship schools in future years.  

    How are outside scholarships (including the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship and the Governor’s Distinguished Scholars) applied?  
    Outside scholarships are applied to your balance after Tuition Advantage not to exceed the established cost of attendance.    

    What if my parents live in one state and I go to school in another?  
    Tuition Advantage is based on your state of residency, not your high school location. If you were claimed as a dependent on your parent’s income taxes, your location would be your parent’s address.  

    Other details I should know? 

    • For first-year students attending college for the first time 
    • Not available to international applicants or students already receiving full-tuition awards 
    • Requires full-time enrollment and good academic and conduct standing 
    • Based  on the tuition for the flagship institution of your state of residency, not  high school location  
    • U.S. Citizens living abroad or in a U.S. Territory will pay the Arkansas flagship tuition rate 
    • Based on state flagship tuition and fees as published for the academic year immediately preceding planned enrollment
    • Fixed award amounts for all four years (eight semesters)  
    • Federal and state aid, and outside scholarships are applied to remaining  balance