• We believe in making Hendrix College affordable and accessible to deserving students.

    As a top-tier, nationally ranked, liberal arts college, we believe that our unique opportunities for experiential learning, rigorous inquiry, and cultivating creativity should be available to all qualified students.

  • Tuition Advantage

    All students accepted for admission to Hendrix College will be considered for our Tuition Advantage scholarship program. If you are chosen, based on your academic record, leadership, extracurricular and volunteer activities, we will match  the published in-state tuition at the flagship university in your home state. If you qualify for state or federal grants, or other outside scholarships, those awards reduce your Hendrix tuition, as well.

  • Qualifications for Scholarship:

    At Hendrix College, we believe that you are much more than a number. Your counselor and a scholarship committee will evaluate your application for admission for determining scholarship eligibility. The awarding will be based on academic preparedness, demonstrated leadership, extracurricular and volunteer activities. We encourage you to apply early to find out if you will receive one of these competitive scholarships. Learn more about the application for admission here.

  • How it works:

    If you are awarded the Tuition Advantage scholarship, the amount you will pay Hendrix for tuition will be no more than the published tuition and fees for the flagship institution in the state in which you reside. 

    At the time of admission, all accepted students are considered for Hendrix College-provided financial aid. If after awarding of all Hendrix-provided aid you still owe more in tuition and fees than the published amount for the flagship for your home state, all students selected for Tuition Advantage will be awarded an additional scholarship to bring the amount down to the tuition and fee rate of the flagship institution. Any outside scholarships and state and federal aid would be added on top of these programs to lower your cost even more. 

    If you receive one of our full-tuition scholarships, such as Hays and Presidents, you are not eligible for Tuition Advantage.

  • Some Details to know: 

    • This award is available to first-year students, who have never before attended college as a degree-seeking student.
    • The award is not offered to international applicants.
    • Recipients must remain enrolled full-time at Hendrix and in good academic and conduct standing.
    • The Tuition Advantage award is based on the tuition for the flagship institution of your state of residency, not high school location.
    • U.S. Citizens living abroad or in a territory will use the tuition rate for our home state of Arkansas.
    • Awards are based on the tuition and fees of each state’s flagship institution as published for the academic year immediately preceding planned enrollment.
    • Award amount will remain fixed at the awarded amount for all four years at Hendrix College (eight semesters). 
    • Federal aid, state aid, and outside scholarships are applied to any remaining balance.