Student Life

Key Policy


In order to provide a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, and students, all Hendrix College keys are issued and controlled by the Department of Public Safety.


Requests for student keys must be submitted by the appropriate faculty or staff advisor via the Key Request Form located on the Hendrix College website. The request will be received by the Department of Public Safety for review and processing. Upon completion of processing, the key holder and requestor will be sent a notice via campus e-mail that key(s) are ready for pick up. 


Keys are due for return to the Department of Public Safety based on the due date established by the faculty/staff requestor when they submitted the Key Request Form. Keys must be returned by this date unless the appropriate faculty/staff advisor has submitted a formal request to Public Safety to extend the due date. Key holders are responsible for knowing when their key(s) is/are due for return. The Business Office will send a reminder if keys are not returned as required; do not ignore this reminder. Keys not returned to Public Safety by the due date will be considered lost, and the key holder will be assessed the applicable fee(s).

Lost/Delinquent Keys

Lost keys (including keys not returned by the due date) will result in the key holder being assessed a fine of $100.00 per key. If a key holder returns their key(s) after the lost key fine(s) has/have been assessed, they will be refunded 50 percent of the lost key fine per key returned. 

Housing Keys

Housing keys are issued by the Department of Public Safety to Residence Life and managed by Residence Life staff. Safety and security concerns resulting from a lost residential room or apartment key require that the room or apartment be re-cored and new keys be issued to residents. Lost housing keys must be immediately reported to Residence Life.