Spanish Program


Students for Latin and Iberian Cultures

SLIC is a student organization intent on encouraging and promoting aspects of Hispanic culture, history, and language. SLIC  also serves as a forum for discussing matters concerning the interest and needs of Hispanic students at Hendrix College and the community in general. Membership is open to any interested Hendrix student. The group's advisor is Dr. Lilian Contreras-Silva.

 piñata construction 1  One example of activities hosted by SLIC, is a piñata workshop held in Spring of 2006. This two step workshop included the construction of the piñatas by interested students, and their subsequent destruction.
 Although piñatas are an often recognized symbol of Hispanic culture and traditions, they are not used in all parts of the Hispanic world. What is more, there are many different ways of constructing piñatas. They range from clay, to plaster, to paper and cardboard (used here). piñata construction 2 
 piñata destruction  In the use of piñatas, however, one of the things that stays true is the manner of their destruction.