Spanish Program

Foreign languages cultural collection

There are many films available for viewing in the Media Center in Bailey Library (to see Media Center hours, click here ). These films are there to provide students with added exposure to their target languages and culture. The film title is followed by the call number, making it easy for any student to check these films out, free of charge, and enjoy them at their convenience!

791.4372, Ei44m

84 min VHS

Downbeat, Bleak, Tense. This documentary explores the mechanisms of Castro's control over everyday life in Cuba via the medium of an important show-trial which took place in 1989.

791.4372, T569s

102 min DVD

Pedro Almodovar, Motherhood /Spain, Compassionate, Bittersweet, Warm, Witty, Urbane, Bright, Sentimental

  • Amores Perros

791.4372, Am68s

153 min DVD

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu,Gritty, Lurid, Forceful, Atmospheric, Visceral, Tense, Disturbing, Compassionate

  • Ay, Carmela!

791.43, A972s

105 min. VHS

Carlos Saura, Forceful, Bleak, Stirring, Somber, Reflective

791.4361, B438t

109 min VHS

Fernando Trueba, Spain, Whimsical, Fanciful, Light, Sweet, Lyrical, Sentimental

  • Buena Vista Social Club

781.6409729, B862a

105 min. DVD

Wim Wenders, Ry Cooder, Cuba, Musician's Life, Affectionate, Merry, Rousing, Upbeat, Warm.

862, C146v

74 min. VHS

  • Chicano! A history of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement

  • Cria

791.4372 C866h


Affectionate, Reflective, Meditative, Heartwarming, Gentle, Deliberate, Political Unrest, Mothers and Daughters

  • Cuba: Las Hijas de Fidel: Mujeres de America Latina

305.42, C892f

62 min. VHS

Carmen Sarmiento Garcia, Latin America/ Cuba

  • Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The

791.43617, C382m

101 min. VHS

Luis Buñuel, Satirical, Humorous, Hallucinatory, Deadpan, Buñuel applies his surrealist touch to a mundane event: a dinner party that may never come to pass

791.4372, M337c


Robert Rodriguez,Action romance, stylized, Madcap, Earthy, Campy, Atmospheric, Upbeat, Tense, Slick, Quirky, Humorous

  • El Super

791.43617, Su76n


Humorous, Compassionate, Sweet, Heartwarming, Immigrant Life, Fish Out of Water

  • Goya In Bordeaux

791.4372, G748s

105 min. DVD

Carlos Saura, Biography /Spain, Deliberate, Reflective, Atmospheric, Sweeping, Life in the Arts, Bohemian Life, Crowned Heads

  • Guantanamera

791.4372, G931n

104 min. DVD

Tomas Gutierrez Alea & Juan Carlos Tabio/Cuba, Wistful, Quirky, Satirical

  • High Heels

791.43617, H6381m

113 min. VHS

Pedro Almodovar,Comedy/ Spain, Moody, Melancholy, Bittersweet, Reflective, Affectionate, Mothers and Daughters, Haunted By the Past

  • How To Be a Woman and Not Die in the Attempt

791.4372, C737i

88 min. DVD

Ana Belen and Carmen Maura /Spain, Satirical, Light, Humorous, Gentle, Easygoing

791.43658, Y1m

140 min. DVD

Mikhail Kalatozov, Communist Kitsch/ Cuba

791.43, B664

11 min. VHS

Francisco J. Lombardi, The film's backdrop is the long (and to some, never-ending) period of civil unrest in Peru. Government troops are pinned down by enemy fire in a remote Peruvian village.

  • La magia de lo real

  • La vida es sueño
  • Like Water for Chocolate

791.437, C735a

105 min. VHS

Alfonso Arau, Passionate, Bittersweet, Intimate, Warm, Downbeat, Compassionate, Star-Crossed Lovers, Mothers and Daughters, Supernatural Romance

  • Lovers of the Artic Circle

791.4372, Am13n

108 min. VHS

Julio Medem, Elegant, Sweeping, Wistful, Lyrical, Star-Crossed Lovers

972.9105, J772t

63 min. VHS

  • Martin Fierro

Gritty, Tense, White People Among Indians, Fathers and Sons

  • Midaq Alley

    791.4372, C132f

    140 min. VHS

    Literate, Gritty, Drug Addiction, Prostitutes, Down on Their Luck

  • Mouth To Mouth

791.43617, B63m

97 min. VHS

Victor wants to be a famous actor and so has come to Madrid in search of work

  • Nueba Yol

    791.4372, N885k

    115 min. VHS

    Comedy, Drab, Intimate, Poignant, Immigrant Life, Culture Clash

  • Official Story, The

791.4372, H629f

110 min. VHS

Poignant, Tense, Ominous, Forceful, Confrontational, Political Unrest, Social Injustice

  • Open Your Eyes (Abre Los Ojos)

791.4372, Ab85a

117 min. VHS

Paranoid, Hallucinatory, Reflective, Tense, Meditative, Enigmatic, Dreamlike, Deliberate, Mind Games, Amnesia, Haunted By the Past

Tense, Reflective, Confrontational

Based on archaeological evidence, scientists conduct physical reconstructions of these theories to see if they would have actually worked

  • Spirit of the Beehive, The

791.4372, Sp48j

93 min. VHS

Action/ Spain, Nostalgic, Lyrical, Bittersweet, Gentle, Compassionate, Affectionate, Innocence Lost

791.43658, T156p

115 min. DVD

Saura, Carlos

Lalo Schifrin, Vittorio Storaro, Wistful, Lyrical, Lavish, Passionate, Filmmaking, A Dancer's Life

  • That Obscure Object of Desire

791.4372, T829e

100 min. VHS

Luis Buñuel, Satirical, Fanciful, Dreamlike, Cynical, Whimsical, Stylized, Humorous, Deadpan, Age Disparity Romance, Self-Destructive Romance

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

791.4372, A862a

105 min. VHS

Pedro Almodovar, Satire/ Spain, Lurid, Silly, Sexy, Quirky, Kidnapping, Dangerous Attraction, Actor's Life

  • Tristana

791.4372, T838

97 min.

Luis Buñuel, Satirical, Moody, Irreverent, Cynical, Atmospheric, Innocence Lost, Class Differences, Age Disparity Romance, Crumbling Marriages

791.43617, H279i

70 min. VHS

Tomas Gutierrez Alea, Cuba, Reflective Machismo Filmmaking, Crisis of Conscience, Battle of the Sexes

791.43, D485p

106min. VHS

Miguel Pereira, Downbeat, Bittersweet. Set during the 1982 war in the Falkland Islands


Poignant, Tense, Intimate, Gritty, Drab, Compassionate, Confrontational, Atmospheric, Fathers and Daughters, Orphans, Prostitutes, Class Differences, Actor's Life

  • Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

791.43617, M9535p

88 min. VHS

Pedro Almodovar, Bright, Madcap, Campy, Manic, Quirky, Irreverent, Sexy, Whimsical, Nothing Goes Right, Suicidal Tendencies