Spanish Program

Links of interest

This page contains a list of links to other Spanish-related websites on the internet.

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» Search Engines:

  • YAHOO! EN ESPAÑOL: Visit the Popular Yahoo Website in Spanish with links to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.
  • YAHOO! ESPAÑA: This popular Yahoo webite is designed for especially for Spain.
  • LATIN WORLD: Latin World is basically a directory of internet resources in both English and Spanish on Latin America and its people.

 » Newspapers:

  • EL PAÍS: On-line version of Spain's most famous newspaper.
  • EL MUNDO: Another of Spain's major online news websites.
  • EL PERIÓDICO: On-line version of one of Barcelona's major newspapers.
  • ABC: Another Spanish online news website.
  • CLARIN: Argentina's most famous newspaper.
  • EL DIARIO: Daily La Paz newspaper.
  • EL ESPECTADOR: Columbia's oldest newspaper.
  • ELPAIS: Current newspaper from Uruguay's capital, Montevideo.
  • EL MERCURIO: This is one of Chile's major online news websites.
  • LA JORNADA: One of Mexico's online news websites.

» Museums and Cultural Organizations:

  • MUSEO DE PRADO: This is Prado Museum's official website with information on the Spanish exhibits, artworks, etc.

 » Other Links:

  • POLYGLOT IN SPAIN: This is a list of links to websites for those who are interested in Spanish Language and Culture.
  • MADRID MAN: This website has all kinds of information concerning Madrid and other cities in Spain.
  • PERUVIANGRAFFITI: A good view into Peruvian history, culture, and politics.