Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Veterinary Program

Pre-veterinary students should major in Biology and may need to plan to take one summer course or a correspondence course in animal nutrition before the end of their junior year in order to meet the prerequisites of specific veterinary schools as we do not offer this course at Hendrix. (Reminder: correspondence courses may not be counted toward graduation.) In addition, most veterinary colleges require courses in biochemistry and microbiology. Students should seek the advice of faculty in their major and of Dr. Jennifer Dearolf, the pre-veterinary advisor, for proper sequencing, the meeting of prerequisites, and planning for the best liberal arts education.

All pre-professional students are encouraged to gain experience by volunteer service work in the profession, by shadowing, non-credit internships, and by doing undergraduate research in the sciences. They should attend the annual informational meetings and meet with the professional school admissions officers who visit the campus periodically (even if they do not intend to apply to that particular school because they are sure to gain useful information). All students need to be aware of the many summer opportunities available to them. (See the bulletin boards in D.W. Reynolds and the Morgan Center buildings.) Students may also go to the homepage of any veterinary medical school in the country using links provided by the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) ( Applicants can use VMCAS to apply to most of the accredited veterinary colleges in the USA and abroad. Arkansas does not have a veterinary college, but has contracts for accepting students from Louisiana State University, University of Missouri and Oklahoma State University.

Each student is responsible for checking the specific requirements of the school to which he or she wishes to apply, for meeting all deadlines for application, etc., and for ensuring that he or she builds the transcript that will not only result in a good liberal arts education, but will also provide the opportunity for admission to the school of his or her choice.  For more information, contact Dr. Dearolf, advisor for Pre-Veterinary students.