Peace Corps Prep Program

Peace Corps Prep and the Hendrix Odyssey Program

Students will receive Special Projects Odyssey credit for completion of the Peace Corps Prep experience.  (It is pre-approved for this purpose)

For the pre-approved Special Projects Odyssey experience, students will:

  • Select a Peace Corps Work Sector
  • Complete with a C or better three courses in his or her work sector and the three courses in intercultural competence 
  • Carry out a significant leadership experience which includes at least 30 hours of engaged learning work
  • Write a final reflective paper in which he or she:
    • Identifies and reflects upon connections between the course work, field experience, and leadership experience answering such questions as: How did the academic courses enhance or prepare you for the field experience.  Did the field experience confirm or give you reason to question things studied in the classroom? What insights were gained from the combined experience of class and engaged learning experiences that you would hope to apply if working for the Peace Corps or other international service organizations in the future?
    • Identifies and reflect upon the major things learned through the program about his or her values, life goals, talents and limitations, and long-term interests related to future international development, service to community, and or leadership in the public sector.
    • Attaches a completed resume reviewed by Career Services and a description of one significant leadership experience he or she has completed.
  • Participate in a summative discussion with other seniors completing the PC program, facilitated by the PC Program coordinator.

A student’s Work Sector field experience that requires a minimum of 50 hours of engaged learning may also be recorded as a second Odyssey credit if the field experience tied to their sector of interest meets the criteria for another Odyssey category (Professional and Leadership Development, Global Awareness, Artistic Creativity, Undergraduate Research, or Service to the World).