Lake DeGray

Peer Leader Valerie DeLeon, Poseidon’s third cousin twice removed on her mother’s side, will lead you through the aquatic paradise of Lake Degray State Park! Behind her will be a fantastic team of OR Leaders: sock puppet artisan Breann Forbes, bivalve babysitter Brock Sullivan, and seaweed snuggler Sheldon Raney. We’ll cook s’mores at the campsite Friday night, then hit the lake for kayaking and a PaRtY BArGe on Saturday!!! There will be plenty of hiking and swimming in your down time. After more s’mores and night hikes on Saturday night, you’ll get a good night’s rest, then head back to Hendrix on Sunday morning with your new BBFLs!

•Water based activities
•Ability to swim is preferred, not required.  Life vests will be provided.


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