Little Rock Rendezvous

Who says you have to venture into nature for camping? Get to know your own back yard with your fantastic and fearless leader Casey Garrison ’17 and his team of co-counselors (Rebecca “Hutcherson ’18, Alex “Danger” Jones ’17, Catherine “not Kathy” Lee ’18) who are all highly skilled in the Art of Arkansas. This back yard adventure  will allow you to do all the things that are common for Hendrix Students to do in the not-so-far-away city, including visiting the Arkansas Arts Center, the Clinton Library, ESSE Purse Museum, and the historic SOMA downtown neighborhood (perfect for some backyard camping). Don’t worry though, no actual camping involved on this trip, after a busy day in exploring Little Rock, you’ll tuck into you cozy lodging! This trip is perfect for those campers more interested in historic buildings than kayaking!

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