Little Rock Rendezvous

Yasmin Newman, whom you may recognize as the CEO of Newman’s Hot Dog Stand LLC, will fearlessly lead the Little Rock team through her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. Newman, who has claimed to know “everything there is to know about both hot dogs and Little Rock” will show you some of her favorite places in Arkansas’s state capitol! The line-up is Pinnacle Mountain, Arkansas Arts Center, Clinton Presidential library, Museum of Discovery, River Market, and Damgoode Pies. This is a great trip to get to know the city and student-friendly things to do in it. You’ll be staying in cabins at the 4-H center just outside of Little Rock. The OR Team of Collise Dennis (Manager of Mustard), Rachel Shepherd (Connoisseur of Ketchup), and Brett Daiger (Relisher of Relish) will help lead you through this exploration!

•Optional hike


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