New Students

Student Mentors

Academic Peer Mentors (APMs)

Each new student entering Hendrix is assigned a faculty academic advisor who is a member of the Council of New Student Advisors (CNSA).  Each CNSA member selects a strong returning Hendrix student to serve as an Academic Peer Mentor to his or her new student advisees during his or her first year at the College.

Academic Peer Mentors are upperclass students who work closely with their new student mentees and their CNSA faculty advisor.  Their responsibilities are centered in helping new students make a successful transition to Hendrix and understand the academic life and expectations of the College.  New students are encouraged to see their APM as a knowledgeable supportive student to whom they can turn with academic and related concerns.

Explorations Peer Mentors (EPAs)

Explorations Peer Mentors are dedicated and successful Hendrix College students who work with faculty or staff members to lead the Explorations class.  In addition, EPAs mentor new students assisting with the transition to Hendrix College and college life.

Residence Assistant (RAs)

R.A.s are students who have been through a thorough selection process and intensive training program. The R.A. accepts responsibility for policy enforcement, community building, educational and social programming, and peer counseling.  The R.A. is a basic source of information and referral help.  He/she assists residents in adjusting to campus life, including academic concerns, facility concerns, roommate relationships, and homesickness as well as other matters.  The resident to R.A. ratio is 25/1.