New Students

What to pack

Your future classmates have prepared the list below. Check out what they think are "must haves" to pack for life at Hendrix.

  • alarm clock
  • an area rug is great for décor and for keeping your feet warm
  • bedding/pillows
  • binders and folders
  • bookbag/backpack
  • closet organizer
  • Command hooks, pull tabs, sticky tack to make your room look like home
  • detergent and softener/dryer sheets
  • first aid kit
  • head phones
  • laundry bag/basket
  • mini-fridge
  • one nice outfit for special events or presentations
  • over-night bag for OR trip
  • paper
  • pens/pencils
  • rainboots for the puddles
  • shower caddy
  • shower shoes/flip flops
  • snacks
  • stapler
  • storage bins
  • surge protectors/power strips. Extension cords without circuit breakers are prohibited.
  • towels
  • umbrella
  • USB drive