New Students

What You Need To Do1

1. Submit enrollment deposit

  • To reserve a spot in the class, students should submit a nonrefundable $350 enrollment deposit using the  
    Decision Reply Form.  Soon after the submission of the deposit, students will be able to complete the Housing Application.
  • This deposit will be kept by the College as long as the student is enrolled and refunded upon graduation.
  • Positions in each class are reserved on a first-come basis, and room assignments in the residence halls are made based on the date the enrollment deposit is received.
  • Because of the limited enrollment structure, students submitting the deposit after all positions in the class have been reserved are placed on a waiting list.

2. Log on to CampusWeb in Mid-April

CampusWeb is your online connection to Hendrix. In mid-April you'll get an email with instructions for setting up your login credentials.

The first thing you’ll see when you sign in to CampusWeb will be your Checklist. Starting now and continuing throughout your time at Hendrix, CampusWeb will be the place you go to get things done. Your CampusWeb Checklist will guide you through the tasks you need to complete to be prepared for the Move-In Day at Hendrix on August 16.

You enter CampusWeb by clicking on the sign-in button at the right-hand top of the Hendrix website.