New Students

Frequently Asked Questions

How much spending money will I need per month?

How much money you will need is a personal variable that is best determined by taking into account your family's unique financial circumstances and your expected living and educational expenses. It is best to discuss finances with your family and prepare a budget of expected expenses and resources before you come to Hendrix. There are several questions to take into consideration: Will you have a car? Will you have a job during the school year? Will you pay your own phone bill? What type of lifestyle are you currently used to living?

Should I open a local checking account?

Many local businesses will accept out-of-town checks for purchases with a driver's license and a major credit card. However, out-of-state checks may be more difficult to use. On campus, the Business Office Window will cash personal checks or amounts up to $50 with a Hendrix ID. If you decide to open a local checking account, there are several banks in the Conway area which offer special options for college students.

During short holidays, am I allowed to stay on campus or must I return home (especially if I live out-of-state)?

Since there are not any Residential Life Staff members on campus during breaks, the residence halls are closed. Fall Break is the only exception to this and residence halls will be open. Closing procedures are posted in each residence hall well in advance of the designated closing day. Each residence hall reopens no later than noon on the day before classes resume for the following semester. If you have any further questions concerning housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (501) 450-1416.

Is there a student shuttle or Hendrix bus that will get me to and from the airport?

The Office of Student Affairs arranges shuttle service for students for trips to and from the Little Rock National Airport for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. While there is not a formal Hendrix shuttle available to students needing transportation at all times during the year, our campus thrives because of its healthy support system. Most students on campus already have their own vehicles, so finding a ride is simply a question of befriending someone who is available. There is also a Hendrix Ride Share group on Facebook to help you connect with traveling companions for local and regional travel.

How many hours of off-campus work (job) should I consider?

We recommend that you work no more than 15 hours per week. Student workers on campus typically work eight hours per week. Anything over 20 hours is considered full-time employment. Academics come first at Hendrix. Although many students on campus have outside employment, the key to their success has been learning to budget their time. A good resource for you is to talk with current students who also hold a job and see what advice they may have to share.

What types of computer services will I have in the residence halls?

High speed Ethernet connections have been installed in each residence hall room. These connections enable you to connect your personal computer to the college Internet system with the use of an Ethernet card which is installed at the your personal expense. This system is referred to as H-NET.

Wireless Internet connectivity is also available throughout the campus and in all residence halls.

What staff members can I expect in the Residence Halls for support and assistance?

Each hall has at least four Resident Assistants who are trained upper-class students available to aid students with most concerns. Furthermore, a Head Resident or Residence Hall Coordinator supervises each residence hall. If you have personal concerns or questions related to housing, contact the Residence Life Staff at (501) 450-1416.

How can I pay my bills?

The College offers several methods of payment. Cash payments are accepted and receipted at the cashier's window in Fausett Hall. Checks, money orders or cashier checks may be mailed to the Business Office at 1600 Washington Avenue, Conway, Arkansas 72032, or receipted at the Cashier's window. Information for electronic wire transfers may be obtained through the Business Office. Credit cards can only be processed through Campus Web, and there is a 2.7% fee for using this service. The College also offers a delayed payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). For a small enrollment fee, you are able to set up a contract to budget your expenses per semester. The balance is paid in monthly installments throughout the semester to TMS. It is your responsibility to adjust the budget for any additional charges incurred throughout the semester. All questions pertaining to charges and methods of payment should be directed to the Student Account Manager, (501) 450-1214. More information is also available from the Office of Financial Aid at (501) 450-1368.

Where should I go for advice on academic questions?

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who is a great resource for academic questions. You should feel free to use your advisor to the fullest extent appropriate to your needs and concerns. However, there are many other resources that you may wish to consult. If you are having trouble in a particular class, you should not hesitate to speak with your professor. All faculty members at Hendrix are extremely approachable. They take a special interest in the academic success of each of their students. Each professor has regularly scheduled office hours during which he/she is readily available to students. Also, Career Services has many resources and aptitude tests that can be used to facilitate the search for a major. Residence Assistants (RA's), Academic Peer mentors, other staff members, and peers also frequently provide assistance.

How does Hendrix report my grades?

Grades for each semester's courses are available to you via your student account on the Hendrix website. During the registration process, you may request to have grade and Interim Report information sent to your parents. By federal law (FERPA), the College may disclose a student’s grade and Interim Report information to his or her parents either a) with the student’s written consent or b) without the student’s written consent if the student is dependent on his or her parents as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  

How are my transfer credits handled?

Courses offered for transfer must be taken at an accredited institution. The courses must be comparable in academic quality to Hendrix courses; transfer credit will be denied for courses that do not meet this standard. Accordingly, you are strongly advised to seek transfer approval from the Office of the Registrar using the form provided for this purpose prior to enrollment in any course for which transfer approval might be sought. Transfer credit will be considered only for courses worth three credit hours in which the grade of C or better is recorded. Credit or Pass grades will not be accepted in transfer except for PE or music activities. If a course is accepted for credit, it will be recorded as a transfer credit. No grade points from such transfer courses will be calculated into your Hendrix grade point average. However, grades transferred for courses taken in residence at institutions for which Hendrix has a direct, formal institutional exchange agreement are exempt from this policy and will be recorded. Courses transferred in may not be used to substitute improved grades earned at Hendrix. For a complete description of Academic policies, including transcripts and the Advanced Placement Program, please consult the Hendrix College Catalog.

Do I need medical insurance to attend Hendrix?

Yes, all Hendrix students are required to have proof of insurance in the form of a copy of the front and back of their insurance card.  Students have the opportunity to demonstrate adequate health coverage, or must purchase the College plan.  Students may enroll or waive this coverage online by August 3, or they will be charged for the College plan on their tuition bill.  Students will not be permitted to waive coverage after this date.  Information regarding insurance requirements and a brochure outlining Hendrix's insurance program will be mailed to families in early June. For more information, please call Hendrix Student Health Service at (501) 450-1448.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online at The Office of Financial Aid provides information, applications, and assistance to students who are pursuing a degree at Hendrix and who want to obtain financial aid. To obtain applications or further information about requirements for obtaining financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or (501) 450-1368.

Can you tell me more about OneCard and Dining Dollars?

Hendrix offers one meal plan for incoming students:
  • Unlimited Meal Plan 
Students must present their OneCard (ID card) in order to gain entry to the dining room.  Meals plans may only be used by the cardholder.  If all meals for the week have been used, a student may access Dining Dollars in order to purchase a meal.  Dining Dollars may also be used to pay for guests. 

Students also have the opportunity to add personal deposits to their account that may be used to make purchases in the Burrow, the Dining Room, the Bookstore, and at some vending machines on campus. Personal deposits may be added by visiting

The cafeteria is an all-you-care-to-eat venue; however, all food must be consumed inside the dining room. For more information, including hours of operation and menus, visit