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March 18, 2020: Free access to eBooks until May 25

The message below is from the account manager for the Hendrix Online Bookstore.

Dear Hendrix Students,

Akademos has partnered with our digital course materials platform, VitalSource, and leading publishers to launch VitalSource Helps, a program offering free access to eBooks for students who may have lost access to course materials with the rapid move to distance learning. 

Access to an expansive catalog of eBooks will be available for free to students at our client institutions who have semester-based calendars that have chosen to curtail physical teaching in response to COVID-19. Student access will last through May 25th.

Since Hendrix is semester-based and is implementing a shift from face-to-face to virtual instruction, we have added your domain to the approved list. This means that students will be able to access these free materials through VitalSource as long as they log in using their official email address. 

Students may begin accessing these materials today at We are pleased to be able to support Hendrix students during these times.

Best regards,

Britt McDermitt
Account Manager