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Hendrix Odyssey Program Funding for February 2019 Cycle

CONWAY, Ark. (April 3, 2019) – With the February 2019 funding cycle, the Hendrix College Committee on Engaged Learning has now awarded $4,224,354.21 in Odyssey grants to support 1,317 projects by Hendrix students and faculty since the Odyssey Program’s inception in 2005. In this cycle, 31 projects were awarded $107,634 in grants to help Hendrix students conduct research, learn new skills, share their passions in film and print, and explore their interests around the world. Also, see below for this year’s recipient of the Robert F. Baker Prize in Economics.

Landon Anderson ’21

Examining the Role of Lipid Concentration and Flow Rate on the Formation of Supported Lipid Bilayers (SLBs); Category: Undergraduate Research

Steffan Bonilla ’20

Banking on the Future; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Cayman Botner ’20

Summer 2019 EPROACH Program; Category: Special Projects

Sandy Burks ’19

Atlantis Fellowship-Clinical Shadowing in Spain; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Brittany Chue ’21

Documentary on Food Insecurity in Panama; Category: Undergraduate Research

Michael Crippen Jr. ’20

Printmaking Professional Work Experience with Professional Artist Kristin DeGeorge; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Rachel Elmakiss ’20

Coffee and Hospitality in the Bedouin Society of the Negev; Category: Undergraduate Research

Claire Fleming ’20

Engaging with the African Leadership University in Mauritius; Category: Global Awareness

Storm Gardner ’21

Using RNA Interference to Study Genes Involved in DNA Repair in bdelloid rotifers; Category: Undergraduate Research

CJ Gormly ’20

A Summer Fellowship in Cáceres; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Zach Gray ’20

The Impact of Sex Differentation on Drug Abuse: A Summer Professional Field Experience at the Neuroendocrinology and Motivation Lab at UT Austin; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Jacob Handloser ’22 and Tucker Andrews ’21

Design and Development of Supported Lipid Bilayers as a Model for Studying the Kinetics of Membrane Bound Enzymes; Category: Undergraduate Research

Elizabeth Jones ’21

Think About What You Saw: A Learning Experience in Eastern Europe; Category: Special Projects

Maggie Lodge ’20

Religion and the LGBTQ+ Community: An Exploration of Self-Identity and the History of LGBTQ+ Affirming Churches; Category: Special Projects

Ivan Midtbust Heger ’21

Investigation of the Longevity of Nicoya, Costa Rica; Category: Special Projects

Mary Nail ’20

Thinking Outside the Museum: Exploring the Venues and Roles of Public Art in the United States; Category: Special Projects

Larissa Isimbi Ndimbira ’20

Discovering the Financial World in Rwanda; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Tristan Norman ’20

The Humanity of Mohammad Yunus: The Social Vision of Social Business and Innovation; Category: Special Projects

Kristen North ’21

Testing the Role of Electrical Coupling to Thermotactic Learned Behavior in C. Elegans; Category: Undergraduate Research

Grace Rogers ’21

Vocational Discovery in the Church: A Pastoral Internship; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Keane Sammon ’22

Penguin Conservation: Volunteering with SANCCOB; Category: Special Projects

Christian Sandoval ’20, Violet Pirtle ’20, and Austin Jared ’20

Retracing Revolution: Communism in Cuba; Category: Global Awareness

Nugget Settles ’20

Summer Spanish Program; Category: Service to the World

Arthur Trickett-Wile ’21

Life, Labor, and Love in a Terlingua, Texas Summer; Category: Special Projects

Shelbey Winningham ’20

Hendrix College Cats: The Book; Category: Special Projects

Dr. Heidi Dahlmann

Organocatalyst Optimization and Artificial Nucleoside Development; Category: Undergraduate Research

Dr. Jennifer Dearolf

Mophology of the locomotor muscles of three Arctic seal species; Category: Undergraduate Research

Dr. J.D. Gantz

A Survey of Summer Active Insects Associated with Alaskan Peony Farms; Category: Undergraduate Research

Dr. Andrew Morgan

Attending the 2019 Estonian Song Festival; Category: Global Awareness

Dr. Adam Schneider

Professional Field or Museum Experience at the Charles Darwin Research Station at Galapagos, Ecuador; Category: Professional & Leadership Development

Dr. Caitlin Scott

Computational Drug Design to Develop Safe and Effective Pain Medication; Category: Undergraduate Research

Baker Prize for Economics Research: Monish Shukla ’20, who will conduct research under the supervision of Dr. William Haden Chomphosy ’13. 

For brief summaries of these projects, visit the Odyssey Program’s listing.

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